Short post here: I just had to use a Ubuntu live installation to reset my password on my 3D printing server (somehow forgot it) and got kind of annoyed at having to burn an entire Ubuntu installation to a USB stick just to reset a password. I haven’t found any specific Linux distros that are focused on recovering and resetting passwords, so why not make one? I’ll either modify an existing OS or roll my own thing entirely for a bit more of a challenge.

The features I’m planning on implementing:

  • Instructions for password recovery for Windows and popular Linux distros
  • Scripts (likely in Python) for enumerating users, finding duplicate passwords, extracting hashes, and maybe even a version of JTR for live password cracking. This would need a way to easily exfiltrate data, likely just by making a small partition on the disk once it boots.
  • Optional password lists. I want to keep the installation small so it can be on a small & cheap USB drive, but some might want to have password lists.

This project should help me learn what goes into making a custom Linux OS and maybe even helping out someone who needs to recover a password.